With Scripps Octane, target the valuable audience that you may be missing.


Scripps Octane is a one stop service that allows you to buy streaming TV ads across a variety of OTT providers to target your ideal customer. It was designed with changing consumer habits in mind. We help maximize your advertising spend by offering a variety of products, targeting, day parts, geography and more – we offer the reporting transparency and attribution you are looking for.



The Scripps Octane team is available to answer your questions and will schedule regular check-ins to ensure you have the information you need to plan effective campaigns.  

“I have run OTT with Scripps for over six months and have increased my revenue significantly.  I love their service and transparent reporting.”

– Quinton Hembree – owner, Four Star Imports

“Using OTT, we were able to exceed our enrollment goal by 2.5 times for next school year. The service, knowledge, and expertise exhibited by FOX 47 allowed us to specifically target our audience and provide them with important information about our program wherever they were at, using whatever device they were on. ”

– Mrs. Stacey Johnson – principal, Cole Academy


OTT viewers are a diverse audience. And the solutions to reach your target customer should be as varied as their interests and consumption habits.

Octane Premium
Scripps Octane Premium provides reach, targeting and measurement through direct placements with premium providers you know and trust. With Premium, your ads are delivered on Connected TVs so your message is seen in the most TV-like experience. You also have the option to target your ads to appear within specific content types, such as Sports, News, or Spanish language providers.

Octane Regular
Scripps Octane Regular provides reach, targeting and measurement with added price flexibility. Regular provides a combination of direct relationships and on-demand exchanges to get you a competitive, highly targeted placement.


One price includes targeting your ideal audience, 24/7 dashboard access and website attribution.


From planning to execution to post-campaign analysis, you are involved in every step of your advertising campaign. Our team of experts will work with you to identify the best audience to target and help you measure the results.

We don’t want you to be surprised by anything when it comes to your OTT campaign. You’ll know exactly what you’re buying. We give you the ability to track the progress of your campaign in real-time with your own dashboard. You’ll also see the results of these services we will provide you at no extra cost:

  • Delivery blocking from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. (unless requested)
  • Frequency capping by hour and by day so your audiences aren’t seeing the same ad repeated
  • Limiting delivery by provider so your ad doesn’t have heavy delivery on any one provider.


We use a broad spectrum of data sources to target your ideal audience so we can expertly tailor solutions that meet your marketing goals.

Attribution – You want to know if your ads are driving audiences to visit your website or calling your business – so do we. We will track it.

Brand Safety – We use the newest and most robust block chain technology and highly trusted providers to prevent ad fraud and brand safety issues.


OTT is the new TV. Per eMarketer, over 40 MILLION households in the U.S., or approximately 30%, have eliminated cable, satellite or never subscribed to either.

Your audiences are making the switch. Find out what that means.

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